Ritus von Aramesir (V.1 - Ultra Rare) [GRCR-DE025]

Ritus von Aramesir (V.1 - Ultra Rare) [GRCR-DE025]

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Ritus von Aramesir (V.1 - Ultra Rare) [GRCR-DE025]

Rite of Aramesir (V.1 - Ultra Rare)

Rarität: Ultra Rare

Nummer: 025

Sprache: Deutsch

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If you control no "Adventurer Token": Special Summon 1 "Adventurer Token" (Fairy/EARTH/Level 4/ATK 2000/DEF 2000), then if you do not control "Fateful Adventure", you can place 1 "Fateful Adventure" from your Deck face-up in your Spell & Trap Zone. You cannot activate the effects of monsters on the field the turn you activate this card, except Special Summoned monsters'. You can only activate 1 "Rite of Aramesir" per turn.